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What We Cover

Conveyance & Property Law

Acquisition and disposal of interests in property, advising on conveyance transactions and security documentation, preparation and perfection of security documents, acquisition and disposal of interests in both movable and immovable assets. We offer timely and efficient legal advice in the creation of securities including and not limited to charges, debentures and loan agreements. We have track record of excellence in legal documentation and our turn-around time is recommendable.


We do follow up on behalf of client, recovery of debts including issuing the necessary demand notices and obtaining summary court judgments, legal court action that cover running down matters, debt recovery, management conflicts,  disputes, labour relations disputes, actions for negligence, breach of
contract, compensation.

Company Secretarial Services

Preparation and execution including the necessary advisories and consultancies on Corporate regulation and compliance, company and business registration, due diligence on companies, board management, management of annual general meetings and board meetings, circulation of meeting notices and documents, filing of corporate returns and changes, 

Commercial Transactions

We advise our clients on nature and structure of commercial contracts, partnerships, formation of profit and non-profit entities; both National and International, Labour laws, Partnerships and joint venture entities, Capital Markets

Criminal Cases

We act for accused persons in criminal charges and watch brief for complainants in criminal proceedings. We also advise and guide our clients to ensure achievement of their respective best interest in criminal proceedings. We pride in experience of success in criminal matters.

Children and Family Matters

We litigate in children's court and advance our clients' interests as per the instructions. We also handle family cases that include probate and administration of estates for the deceased persons (succession), Divorce proceedings, distributions of matrimonial property, preparation and advisory on Will preparation.

Constitutional Cases

We advise, prepare, file and litigate on constitutional petitions on behalf of our clients. Our experience runs in High court, Court of Appeal and other Constitutional bodies.

Corporate Governance

Undertaking corporate governance audits, advisories and consultancies on institutional management and administration, preparation and enactment of corporate policies, guidance towards harmonious compliance and structural mechanisms to ensure sound business operations of the entity.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We highly encourage efficient resolution of claims in favor of our clients by using alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation and Arbitration. We aim at resolving disputes at minimal cost and within the shortest time possible. The Principal is Accredited Mediator by the Judiciary and this enables us to handle disputes where the disputants opt for this option as opposed to litigation. We assist and facilitate the parties to find amicable solution to conflict on their own to preserve and enhance relationships and save on costs.

Contact Info

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